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Savile Associate Jaconelli Finally Exposed As Paedophile

Jaconelli finally EXPOSED as paedophile

  • – by Tim Hicks, reporting on very significant developments in the on-going SAVILE/JACONELLI paedophile investigation.


For some time now, Corruption Busters have been alleging that the former Mayor of Scarborough, Councillor Peter Jaconelli was a paedophile who abused children in his icecream parlours and his Ippon Judo Club as part of a ring involving Jimmy Savile and others.

We have also alleged that North Yorkshire Police were aware of this at the time and turned a blind eye to his depraved activities, because of his status as a prominent businessman, Councillor and Mayor.

Real Whitby can now exclusively reveal that yesterday one of Jaconelli’s victims came forward to formally confirm this to Scarborough Borough Council Chief Executive Officer Jim Dillon, requesting that Jaconelli’s is stripped of his status as an Alderman:

From: Trevor Harrington
Subject: ASHAMED
Date: 13 February 2013 8:13:45 AM AWST

Mr Jim Dillon

Chief Executive Officer

Scarborough Borough Council
The Town Hall,
St Nicholas Street
North Yorkshire YO11 2HG

Dear Sir,

I am a former resident of Scarborough, now living in Australia. I am very proud to be a Scarborian and keep in touch with events and local news there. I have read the recent press coverage in the Daily Express and the Real Whitby News Magazine concerning Mr Peter Jaconelli with great interest.

I was a member of his Ippon Judo Club and also worked for him at his ice cream parlours as a boy. I can confirm from personal experience that all of the allegations published about this man are entirely correct and he was a predatory paedophile, who preyed on local children . Other witnesses have posted confirmation of the same, including that he had convictions for offences of indecency.

His activities were well known by locals and I do not think for one minute that the authorities were not aware of this which I consider yet another blight that needs attention .

I was therefore aghast to see his photograph advertising Whitby and Scarborough and to read that he was made an honorary Alderman, when in fact he was a child abuser that did a lot of damage to the reputation of both places and to local children, which is ongoing.

I note that Councillor Tom Fox has moved that Jimmy Savile is stripped of his title of Honorary Freeman of the Borough following the revelations about him and I support his action on this.

I am a proud Scarborian and would formally request that Peter Jaconelli is also stripped of his title of Alderman on the same basis, to remove this stain from the history of the Borough.

I thank you in anticipation of your consideration of this request and look forward to your response.

Yours faithfully,

Trevor Harrington
Proud Scarborian

We can also exclusively reveal that Councillor Geoff Evans (LibDem – Eastfield) of Scarborough Borough Council has courageously come forward and spoken out in full support of him.

Councillor Evans confirms that Jaconelli was known to him, that Mr Harrington’s allegations are accurate, Jaconelli was a paedophile and had propositioned him.  He further alleges that Jaconelli’s prosecution was prevented only by;

  • political connections with the Consertive Party and the police”.


We have quoted evidence from some of Jaconelli’s other victims in our articles on the Jimmy Savile scandal.  They all completely support the allegations made by Mr Harrington and Councillor Geoff Evans.

  • The case against Jaconelli is now beyond a reasonable doubt. 

We endorse Trevor Harrington’s request that Jaconelli be stripped of his status as Alderman and hope that another Councillor will also have the integrity to come forward and support Councillor Geoff Evans, by seconding a motion to remove his status as Alderman – thereby removing this stain on the Borough of Scarborough.


Under these circumstances, Councillor Tom Fox (formerly acting Chief Inspector Tom Fox commanding North Yorkshire Police in Scarborough) can no longer evade the question posed by Nigel Ward.

  • Would the Leader confirm or deny that, as a former ranking Police Officer in Scarborough, and as long-serving leading Councillor since that time, he was aware that elements within the Authorities were cognisant of concerns of the gravest nature in respect of the activities of Sir Jimmy Savile, yet nevertheless played a leading role in the lavish civic honours bestowed upon a man now widely reviled as the worst and most degenerate sexual predator in the Borough’s history?”



If any reader has information they wish to pass on to the Metropolitan Police investigation into the activities of Savile and his associates in Scarborough and Whitby, they should contact:

The Operation Yewtree Incident Room, on 0208 217 6446

indicating they are doing so pursuant to the Real Whitby investigation.


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