Tuesday 23rd April 2024,
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Hebo Rides Again! 

Hebo Rides Again!



I read with great interest the article “Handbags at Dawn” and the good news that Councillor John “Hebo” Nock is still at large and doing his stuff. I have written to Councillor Derek Bastiman and “Hebo” expressing my satisfaction at this news. My e mail to is below.

Derek and “Hebo” are known, in the NYE newsroom, as “The Lone Ranger and Hebo”. In “Hebo’s” case, this is because he shoots first and thinks afterwards. In Derek’s, it is because of his unquestioning loyalty to his faithful friend.

Yours faithfully,

Tim Hicks

Dear Derek, 

Councillor John “Hebo” Nock (Retired) 

You will remember that in my article below “Alas, Poor Hebo, I Knew Him Well”, I lamented the fact that Councillor John Nock (known as “Hebo” for his spirited defence of Conservative Party Councillor, Mayor, child abuser and rapist Councillor Peter Jaconelli that he was only a HEBOphile, not a paedophile, who was only helping poor children by paying them to masturbate him) had lost his seat at the elections.   

Hebo had been the source of so many good stories and photoons for the NYE, that I believe local government politics in Scarborough are very much duller without him. It was a very great loss for the NYE when he lost his seat on the Council. I was therefore delighted to read Nigel Ward’s article “Handbags at Dawn” covering Hebo’s correspondence with Councillor Tony Randerson.  

This confirmed that despite being rejected by the electorate, dear old Hebo is undaunted. He is still in the saddle and has come out shooting, thereby giving the NYE more stories. I consider that he has made such an outstanding contribution to comedy in Scarborough (and also to the NYE), that talent like Hebo’s should not be wasted. As I previously requested in my article above, please can you make all best efforts to get Hebo back into the Council at the next bye election?

I do not have Hebo’s e mail address, but please can you forward this e mail to him with my warmest regards and thanks for all his help, particularly his ongoing commitment to comedy and quality journalism in Scarborough. 

I look forward to hearing from you or from “Hebo” in due course. On a personal note, I hope you are well and enjoying the weather. Please make sure you drink lots of water and wear plenty of sun tan lotion.

Kind regards,


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