Wednesday 31st May 2023,
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WTC: Keeping Tabs on the Minutes

WTC: Keeping Tabs on the Minutes – an “In My View” article by NIGEL WARD, commenting on an exchange of correspondence on the time-honoured subject of  “openness and transparency” within local authorites. ~~~~~ I was interested to see that Whitby [...]

May 17, 2023 Whitby Town

‘Death Trap’ Garage Planning Stalled

Guest Author ANDY STRANGEWAY (pictured above) has published his views on the ongoing litany of procrastination and apparent incompetence behind a stalled Planning Application which commenced with Hambleton District Council (HDC) and has now transferred to North Yorkshire Council (NYC). [...]

May 15, 2023 Hambleton District Council, North Yorkshire County Council

WTC: Mayoral Mix-Up

WTC: Mayoral Mix-Up – an “In My View” article NIGEL WARD, offering an autodidact’s opinion on the confusion over the election of the new Mayor of Whitby. ~~~~~ As reported elsewhere on the Enquirer, I attended the Annual Meeting of [...]

May 13, 2023 Whitby Town

Open Letter from the Mayor of Whitby

Open Letter from the newly-elected Mayor of Whitby Following an invitation from Enquirer correspondent NIGEL WARD, Whitby Town Councillor Bob DALRYMPLE, the newly-elected Mayor of Whitby, has submitted a commendable Open Letter to the people of Whitby encouraging their engagement [...]

May 10, 2023 Letters, Whitby Town

Democracy? Parish the Thought!

Democracy? Parish the Thought! – an “In My View” article by NIGEL WARD, assessing the prospects of democratic representation in the absence of the second tier of local government in North Yorkshire (i.e. the abolition of Scarborough and Harrogate Borough [...]

May 8, 2023 North Yorkshire County Council, Whitby Town

“Potto Circus”

A Letter to the Editor from ADAM TAYLOR, an eagle-eyed Potto-watching Enquirer reader, pointing out a telling omission from Enquirer correspondent NIGEL WARD’s most recent report on the extraordinary conduct of Potto Parish Council. ~~~~~ Dear Editor I’ve been an [...]

May 6, 2023 Letters, Potto, Town & Parish

Potto Pandemonium

Potto Pandemonium – an “In My View” article by NIGEL WARD, examining the public record to establish how Potto Parish Council handles official censure, Police advice, Formal Compaints and, in particular, External Audit Reports from PKF LITTLEJOHN LLP (including the [...]

May 1, 2023 North Yorkshire County Council, Potto

Humberside Police: Mysterious Encounter

Humberside Police: Mysterious Encounter – an “In My View” article by NIGEL WARD, reporting on the curious case of an unspecified offence, at an unspecified location – and two mysteriously disappearing bobbies. ~~~~~ A retired Hull Daily Mail journalist, author [...]

April 24, 2023 Police

NYP Fails HMICFRS & RSM Audits

NYP Fails HMICFRS & RSM Audits by TIM HICKS ~~~~~ Introduction It has not been a good week for North Yorkshire Police (NYP). Three events have occurred which have shone the spotlight on policing in North Yorkshire. The Baroness Casey [...]

March 28, 2023 North Yorkshire Police, North Yorkshire Police & Crime Commissioner

“Magaluf! Magaluf! Magaluf!”

In a satirical spirit, the North Yorks Enquirer presents the two-hundred-and-fifty-seventh in a continuing series of so-called “Photoons” – cartoons developed from digital photographs – highlighting the more amusing aspects of current affairs in North Yorkshire and far beyond. Readers [...]

March 26, 2023 Photoons