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About Roberto…

June 13, 2024 Misc

Who is Roberto Weeden-Sanz? Other than being the director of a London property management company, he was parachuted into Scarborough and Whitby to be the 2024 General Election Candidate for the Conservative Party. You remember the Conservatives? Those lovely people who’ve imported 3.9 million foreign nationals to live in British communities over the last three years against the wishes of the majority of Britain.

If you read the Scarborough News, you might know a bit about Roberto.

The retail banker and former special constable, who described himself as coming from a farming family that has lived in Yorkshire for three generations

If you read the Hampstead & Highgate News, you might know a bit more about Roberto.

I’ve lived in Barnet all my life, and I did a lot of my growing up in Camden

If you read This Is Money, you might know a bit more about the young Roberto and his parents, you know, those people who’ve farmed Yorkshire for three generations according to Roberto.

His parents, Martina and Nicholas, are divorced but live close together and both are involved in bringing up their son.

Martina, 49, a legal executive with a City broker, says: ‘I grew up in a farming community in northern Spain and we learnt the importance of staying within your means and saving for the future’.

So, Roberto’s mother, Martina, is a legal executive in London. Roberto’s father, Nicholas Weeden, is a Chartered Accountant, also in London. It appears Pinocchio Weeden-Sanz has the skills to be a modern politician.

What is Roberto up to now other than campaigning for election? He’s gainfully employed as a waiter at the Scarborough Rugby Club.

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