Tuesday 31st January 2023,
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Community News: Drugs Raid in Scarborough

Tim Hicks reports on a major success for North Yorkshire Police (NYP) in combatting the scourge of drugs by arresting and convicting a gang of drug dealers based in Barrowcliff, Scarborough, who exploited children. This article includes important crime prevention [...]

May 11, 2021 Appeals, North Yorkshire Police

Sherlock and the Great Land Sale

Sherlock and the Great Land Sale by NORMAN MURPHY ~~~~~ As I explained in my previous article “Sherlock’s Eye on ARGOS”, the current Labour administration ruling over   Scarborough Borough Council, and indeed any other administration which might succeed it, will [...]

May 7, 2021 Scarborough Borough Council

2021 PFCC Election Special 6: Alison Hume [Lab.]

On the 6th of May, elections will be held to determine who will be the next Police Fire and Crime Commissioner (PFCC) for North Yorkshire. The NYE will therefore be running an Election Special consisting of a series of articles [...]

May 4, 2021 North Yorkshire Police & Crime Commissioner

“All Flagged Up!”

In a satirical spirit, the North Yorks Enquirer presents the two-hundred-and-twenty-seventh in a continuing series of so-called “Photoons” – cartoons developed from digital photographs – highlighting the more amusing aspects of current affairs in North Yorkshire and far beyond. Readers [...]

May 3, 2021 Photoons

Sarah West – and Coronavirus Update

Sarah West – and Coronavirus Update The NYE is a community media outlet, so as well as covering news; it has additional responsibilities to help the police protect the public. The NYE has had a policy for many years of [...]

May 2, 2021 Appeals