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CodHead: An Appreciation

A Letter to the Editor from NYE police and crime correspondent TIM HICKS, lamenting (as must we all) the passing of resident political cartoonist CodHead. ~~~~~ Sir, CodHead: An Appreciation I read of the passing of the NYE’s cartoonist CodHead [...]

July 22, 2020 Letters


SBC and RIPA by TIM HICKS Introduction I read with great interest the press release by Mr Hugo Fearnley, the Labour Prospective Party Parliamentary Candidate for Scarborough & Whitby in the next General Election, concerning the “Whexit” controversy, which was [...]

May 8, 2018 Scarborough Borough Council

Intrigue @ SBC: Allege Bullying? Get Bullied!

Intrigue @ SBC: Allege Bullying? Get Bullied! an “In My View” article by NIGEL WARD, revealing how an anonymous SBC Officer has reacted to allegations of “sexist bullying” by threatening civil and/or criminal legal proceedings against the (maybe) Complainant. ~~~~~ [...]

February 12, 2018 Scarborough Borough Council

Peter Jaconelli and Jimmy Savile: Latest Developments

Peter Jaconelli and Jimmy Savile: Latest Developments Introduction The Peter Jaconelli and Jimmy Savile scandal continues to rumble on. The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) Report into Surrey Police’s handling of an investigation in 2007 to 2009, into sexual offences [...]

January 17, 2018 Scarborough Borough Council

SBC Admit Intercepting Email

On the 6th November 2017 Scarborough Borough Council’s Deputy Monitoring Officer, David Kitson, admitted that the council had been intercepting email between constituents and their elected councillors. Kitson claims the actions of the council are legal under the Regulation Of [...]

November 7, 2017 Scarborough Borough Council

SBC: The People Have Spoken

SBC: ‘No Confidence’ Petition – Signatories’ Comments At the request of the Scarborough resident who launched the VOTE of NO CONFIDENCE in the predominantly Conservative Scarborough Borough Council Cabinet of Leader Councillor Derek Bastiman [Con.], readers are invited to inspect [...]

January 26, 2017 Letters, Scarborough Borough Council

Leadership By Example and Chief Police Officers

Leadership By Example and Chief Police Officers Recently, the case of DAC Maxine De Brunner of the Metropolitan Police has hit the press.  DAC De Brunner is alleged to have benefitted personally from misuse of police resources valued at £10,000 [...]

October 8, 2016 Police

“Sleight Of Hand”

A Letter to the Editor by TIM HICKS, a regular contributor to the North Yorks Enquirer, offering a perspective on the recent perceived sleight of hand at Scarborough Borough Council – seeking to approve five Alderman nominations en bloc, thereby [...]

September 13, 2015 Letters

The Power of Persistence

A Letter to the Editor from recent UKIP convert, SBC Councillor Mike WARD, offering his steadfast support to the citizen-journalists of the North Yorks Enquirer. From 2007-11, Mike represented West Cliff Ward in Whitby on Scarborough Borough Council, and in [...]

February 10, 2015 Letters

BBC Inside Out (North East & Cumbria) featuring citizen journalists Real Whitby

A BBC TV Inside Out (North East & Cumbria) documentary investigating the claims of citizen journalists Real Whitby, now the North Yorks Enquirer. [...]

February 10, 2014 Documentaries