Thursday 18th July 2024,
North Yorks Enquirer

Scarborough News Breaks Law?

Foot in mouth time over at the Tory Scarborough News. At 15.23 today the Scarborough News published an article about two women who were convicted of a “racial and homophobic attack” last week.

In an effort to create a further story, staff at the Scarborough News obtained a picture from one of the women’s Facebook page which allegedly showed that one of the women had taken a selfie inside the court. It is reported that court staff are looking into the matter to see if an offence has taken place. The Scarborough News stated:

Taking a picture inside the court precinct is an offence under the Contempt of Court act

Not entirely correct. It is according to section 41 of the Criminal Justice Act 1925: 


So it begins to look like an offence may have taken place.

36 minutes later, at 15.59, the Scarborough News published an article about a woman who was convicted of benefit fraud. The Scarborough News snapped a picture of the woman in the exit doors of Scarborough Magistrates on Northway, Scarborough, which is clearly within the court precinct.

It begins to look like another offence may have taken place.

It could end up as a court report about a court report!