Thursday 30th November 2023,
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New SBC CEO Reaches Out

New SBC CEO Reaches Out

Scarborough Borough Council’s new Chief Executive Officer and Head of Paid Service, Mr Mike GREENE, has taken up his position today and reached out to each and every Councillor offering a pro-active involvement in ward life and a restoration of the Council’s formerly good reputation. Some of Mike’s remarks may raise a few eyebrows.

Personally, I look forward to meeting him. I have some tips for him regarding his grip and his swing – not on his number 4 iron, but on his brand new broom.

Reading Mike’s email, I found myself singing a few bars from John LENNON:

“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one . . .”

A very warm welcome to Mike GREENE!


Dear Councillor,

I wanted to take this opportunity on my first day to email you all to say hello. I am thrilled to be joining the Scarborough Borough Council team as Chief Executive and during the coming weeks I am looking forward to getting to know you all.

I know from personal experience that when someone new joins a team, there are many questions asked so I thought it might be helpful to tell you a bit about me, my values, the work I have done and some of the issues I am passionate about before we meet.

On a personal level, I was born and brought up in Greater Manchester and have worked in various roles for local authorities in the North West, West Yorkshire and Teesside areas. Most recently, I have been working over the border in Redcar and Cleveland where, during the past four and a half years, I have led the majority of the council’s universal services (i.e. the functions the council carries out which are not Adult and Children’s Social Care).

I am passionate about public services and the positive difference they make to local people and truly believe that local government is best placed to support communities to grow and prosper.

I also strongly believe that one of the greatest strengths of the sector is the community leadership elected members offer to ensure the services we provide for our communities are fit for purpose, and I am looking forward to ensuring our team of officers work hard to deliver this.

As part of the recruitment process I was asked to deliver a presentation to the panel of councillors to outline a potential vision for our council in the future. As part of this process I described what I felt the council would look like if I were to jump in to a time machine and travel to the future. I thought you may be interested to hear what I said:-

  • Our borough punching above its weight regionally and nationally
  • The resident at the heart of our services – excellent satisfaction
  • Prevention and early intervention is part of our DNA
  • A “one team” approach
  • Working hand in hand with the community
  • We are viewed as the national benchmark for good economic growth
  • Everybody feeling valued and proud to work here
  • Financially secure providing the most impact for our investment
  • A borough where everyone has equal life chances and we have significantly tackled poverty
  • The reputation of a well-run council

During the coming weeks I am hoping to get around all the group meetings where I will hopefully be able to talk about this more.

More importantly I am really keen to get to know you, the area we serve and what you think about our borough during the next few months. I hope this will be part of us working closely together so that we can determine what we collectively feel a successful future would look like for our communities and what our teams can do to best achieve it.

I will also be publishing a regular blog for staff and elected members to keep you up to date on what I am up to and where we are going as a council. This can be found at

I would also be very happy over the coming weeks and months to meet with you and visit your ward as I get to know the area and the key priorities. If you would find this useful please let me know and I will happily set something up.

I look forward to meeting you soon.

Best wishes


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