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Heads-Up! Warm Home Discount Scheme

October 11, 2018 Misc

Warm Home Discount Scheme

In this, the ‘Low-Pay Capital’ of the United Kingdom, where Council Tax is amongst the highest and opportunity amongst the lowest in the land, the prospect of a long cold winter is particularly daunting.

Our local authorities are not renowned for their compassion for those in need. Often, however, help is available – but little effort (or expenditure) is invested in publicising government initiatives. As one Councillor told me, “We don’t budget for that. It’s not part of our remit”. So millions are missing out on help that is avialable but all too often goes unclaimed.

So I am hoping to find time to highlight, in an occasional series of ‘heads-ups’, some of the minor lifelines already available – starting with the Warm Home Discount Scheme. Asking around, I was unable to anyone with any knowledge of the scheme.

Actually, it can provide very welcome relief to the pressure of winter utility bills.

The qualifying criteria are remarkably broad – almost anyone in the lower income range or carrying a disability may be entitled to a credit against utility charges of £140. Get in there!

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