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GOODWILL ‘Mauled by Pit Bull’

October 15, 2017 Misc

GOODWILL ‘Mauled by Pit Bull’

The Huffington Post has reported that, in a live interview on Channel 5 on Friday 13th October 2017 (unlucky for some, Bob), rising-star BBC interviewer Amanda BARNETT decimated Scarborough and Whitby MP Robert GOODWILL with a series of questions the answers to which where nowhere to be found in the bumbling MP’s noddle.

Ms BARNETT was variously described across the Twittersphere as a “pit bull” and a “tigress”.

Mr GOODWILL, who was appointed Minister of State at the Department for Education by Prime Minister Theresa MAY on 12 June 2017, was unable to provide answers on the subject of  what percentage of social worker posts for children are presently vacant, nationwide. In fact, the figure has been widely-known, since publication of a BBC report in April 2016, confirming that almost 20% of child social worker positions (5,470) stand vacant.

But Mr GOODWILL’s response was a pathetic “I can’t give you that figure now… I know there are shortages.”

Ms BARNETT then proceeded to savaged Mr GOODWILL, stating:

“You can do some maths. You’re very fond of saying Labour benches are filled with politicians who don’t know their maths or do their sums.

But you actually need to solve the problem and you can’t solve the problem without data. You’ve passed the buck on pretty much every question I’ve asked to local authorities but you, as the minister, could pull rank and find out.”

But Mr GOODWILL could only evade the issue, suggesting that it was an issue for Councils and, anyway, some positions (he knew not how many) had been filled by ‘agency staff’.

Clearly, Mr GOODWILL is set to make the same impact on education as he did on transport and immigration – i.e. too little to mention, except for laughs.

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