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Christopher Halliwell: The Documentary

September 29, 2018 Police

Christopher Halliwell: The Documentary

by Tim Hicks


Serial Killer Christopher Halliwell is currently in prison serving a full life term, having been convicted of murdering two women in the Swindon area in 2003 and 2011.

The original investigation into Christopher Halliwell by Detective Superintendent Stephen Fulcher has now been covered in a documentary presented the by highly experienced investigative journalist Sir Trevor McDonald OBE entitled “Catch a Serial Killer with Trevor McDonald”. It was broadcasted on Thursday the 20th of September at 9pm. It can be accessed below

The Documentary: “Catch a Serial Killer with Trevor McDonald”.

The documentary follows the course of Fulcher’s investigation blow-by-blow. It is well done and the reconstructions of the conversations between Fulcher and Halliwell are particularly good. The controversy over Fulcher’s decision not to caution and arrest Halliwell as soon as he indicated there was a second body is well covered.

Detective Superintendent Stephen Fulcher
Caught serial killer Christopher Halliwell, but had his career destroyed as a result

I admire Sir Trevor McDonald’s work and I think the documentary puts the facts dispassionately and fairly. Sir Trevor finishes by stating that the debate goes on about police procedures being seriously flawed and if Fulcher acted correctly. He also states that the police are still investigating if there are other victims of Christopher Halliwell who have yet to be found.

Detective Superintendent Fulcher has alleged that Halliwell has committed other murders, including the murder of York chef Claudia Lawrence.

NYE appeal for information on Christopher Halliwell

Christopher Halliwell’s picture is above. He had a slim athletic build and spoke with a slight Swindon accent. You can see and hear him in the video here taken while he was in custody.

Have you seen Christopher Halliwell at any time in the period 1987 – 2011?

This could be:

  • Fishing at Scarborough, Whitby, Scaling Dam, Middleton St George Water Park, the River Skerne or the River Tees.
  • At work as a driver, chauffeur, bin-man, builder, groundsman or window cleaner.
  • Staying in a bed-and-breakfast or hotel along the A19, in Darlington, Middlesbrough, Scarborough, Whitby, York or the North York Moors area.
  • Narrow boating on the River Ouse or River Tees.

Any information would considerably assist our knowledge of Halliwell’s movements. So please can you contact the NYE using our e mail address:

All information will be treated in the strictest confidence.

The NYE Christopher Halliwell Series:

The NYE has been running a series of articles on other murders Christopher Halliwell may have committed across the country.

The series with links to the articles is shown below. It is arguably the most accurate and up to date assessment of his crimes available from open sources.

  1. The breaking of Detective Superintendent Stephen Fulcher. By Tim Hicks
  2. Book review: “Catching a serial killer” by Stephen Fulcher. By Tim Hicks
  3. Christopher Halliwell and Peter Sutcliffe compared. By Chris Clark & Tim Hicks
  4. Christopher Halliwell how many victims?. By Chris Clark & Tim Hicks
  5. Christopher Halliwell: The Secret Murders. By Chris Clark & Tim Hicks. Parts 1 – 8.
  1. Christopher Halliwell: The Documentary

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