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“Called To The Bar!” – Codhead 072

“Called To The Bar” – Codhead 072 Codhead was right. Nigel’s back at the bar! [Satire] Share This: [...]

May 12, 2015 CodHead

“Nigel’s New Tipple” – Codhead 071

“Nigel’s New Tipple” – Codhead 071 Codhead foresees Nigel Farage half on the wagon . . . [Satire] Share This: [...]

May 8, 2015 CodHead

“Coalition, Anyone? . . . Anyone?” – Codhead 070

“Coalition, Anyone? . . . Anyone?” – Codhead 070 Ever the optimist, Codhead looks to the future with mild trepidation, bordering on utter despair – and not only at national level. And apparently CodHead is anticipating coarse horse-trading at local [...]

May 6, 2015 CodHead

“The Changing Of The Guard?” – Codhead 069

“The Changing Of The Guard?” – Codhead 069 Codhead seems to have a handle on the aspirations of the Scarborough & Whitby electorate – not that the will of the electorate always prevails. But at least most of the pretenders [...]

May 2, 2015 CodHead

“The £400K Shooting Party” – Codhead 068

“The £400K Shooting Party” – Codhead 068 Codhead always has a finger on the pulse of the most contentious issues. [Satire] Share This: [...]

February 22, 2015 CodHead

“A Postcard From Scarborough” – Codhead 067

“A Postcard From Scarborough” – Codhead 067 Codhead has a very dry sense of humour indeed. Don’t miss the postcard at the bottom! [Satire] Share This: [...]

January 22, 2015 CodHead

“On Her Majesty’s Service?” – CodHead 066

“On Her Majesty’s Service?” CodHead seems to have been been eaves-dropping in the “Corridors of Corruption Power” again. He must have overheard the one about the wrong long arm of the law grasping for the perceived protection (and reflected glory) [...]

January 15, 2015 CodHead

“Tom Samson – Bringing The House Down” – CodHead 065

“Tom Samson – Bringing The House Down” CodHead has been wondering what happened to the 6,000+ signatures on the people’s petition to save the Futurist – Scarborough’s iconic theatre. It’s a good question and it’s not the only one! [Satire] [...]

December 7, 2014 CodHead

“Puppet On A String” – CodHead 064

“Puppet On A String” CodHead speculates on the identity of ‘the power behind the gown’. Who pulled the Headteacher’s strings? [Satire] Share This: [...]

November 15, 2014 CodHead

“The Glorious Sixth” – CodHead 063

“The Glorious Sixth” CodHead celebrates clarification in the law that now ensures that there need be no further discussion regarding the right of members of press and public to film Council meetings. Only the Council’s feel they have anything to [...]

August 6, 2014 CodHead