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“A Nervous TIC”

“A Nervous TIC” – CodHead 087 Nudge, nudge. Wink, wink. Say no more. CodHead seems to know where the salami is buried –  at ‘The Star Inn The Harbour’, Whitby – which is not to say that any jiggery-pokery has taken [...]

October 7, 2016 CodHead

“Threatening Weather”

“Threatening Weather” (after René Magritte) – CodHead 086 In black humour mode, CodHead gives his response to the Private Eye coverage of NYP’s £1M legal action. [Satire] [...]

September 4, 2016 CodHead

“The Nasty Nine”

“The Nasty Nine” – CodHead 085 Once again CodHead captures the mood of the public, on the eve of the election for the post of Police & Crime Commissioner. Not much doubt about for whom CodHead will not be voting! [...]

May 4, 2016 CodHead

“Two Rabbits – One Bag”

“Two Rabbits – One Bag” – CodHead 084 CodHead – in cynical mode – seems to think that an entente cordiale may have been achieved on the golf course. A small/medium Academy chain would still look to the LEA for [...]

March 19, 2016 CodHead

“Garden Party Glory” – CodHead 083

“Garden Party Glory” – CodHead 083 CodHead seems to have caught wind of a majestic honour in the pipeline for MC and TF – who revel in such meaningless pomp. CodHead wonders  if the Mayor might be better wearing his [...]

January 20, 2016 CodHead

“Gottle o’ Geer” – CodHead 082

“Gottle o’ Geer” – CodHead 082 CodHead clearly has an opinion on who wears the trousers in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. [Satire] [...]

November 14, 2015 CodHead

“Et Tu Brute” – Codhead 081

“Et Tu Brute” – Codhead 081 CodHead adds a Shakespearian twist to a common-or-garden tale of “Don’t bite that hand that feeds you”. [Satire] [...]

September 4, 2015 CodHead

“Buoys R Us” – Codhead 080

“Buoys R Us” – Codhead 080 CodHead is sailing close to the wind with this one. Let’s hope he doesn’t end in up in Davy JONES locker. [Satire] [...]

August 7, 2015 CodHead

“The Disraeli Dictum” – Codhead 079

“The Disraeli Dictum” – Codhead 079 CodHead has a happy knack of placing one, two, three eggs in the one basket. [Satire] [...]

August 4, 2015 CodHead

“Euro Dance” – Codhead 078

“Euro Dance” – Codhead 078 Alexis Zorba: “Leave their eyes closed, boss, and let them go on dreaming!” It’s still all Greek to CodHead! [Satire] [...]

June 25, 2015 CodHead