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Operation Hyson Featured In ‘Private Eye’

Operation Hyson Featured In ‘Private Eye’ Regular readers of the North Yorkshire Enquirer who have followed the progress of Operation Hyson – the civil legal action pursued by North Yorkshire Police following the failure of Operation Rome (an abortive attempt [...]

August 31, 2016 Police

Bullygan Scandal: NYE’s concerns vindicated in Parliament

Bullygan Scandal: NYE’s concerns vindicated in Parliament by TIM HICKS ~~~~~ Introduction Regular readers of the NYE will recall that a disciplinary investigation by the North Yorkshire Police & Crime Panel found that the then North Yorkshire Police & Crime [...]

January 6, 2019 North Yorkshire Police & Crime Commissioner

The ‘PRIVATE EYE’ Collection

The ‘PRIVATE EYE’ Collection In recent years, the investigative-journalism of the CORRUPTION BUSTERS – supported by a growing number of researchers, analysts and informants – has drawn the attention of the country’s pre-eminent political exposé magazine PRIVATE EYE. In the [...]

December 24, 2018 Private Eye

Sexual Harassment Allegations

Sexual Harassment Allegations an “In My View” article by NIGEL WARD, examining the circumstances surrounding the blatantly Machiavellian political back-stabbing emerging from County Hall, Beverley. The first transparency in years. ~~~~~ For more than twenty years now, Hollywood film producer [...]

October 20, 2017 East Riding of Yorkshire Council

“A Little Respect? Too Little Respect!”

A Letter to the Editor from Connie PEACH, responding to the defensive/aggressive reaction of Councillor Phil TRUMPER [Con.] to the publication of news that a Formal Complaint against him (for failing to declare an interest) has been upheld. ~~~~~ Dear [...]

October 10, 2017 Letters

“Threatening Weather”

“Threatening Weather” (after René Magritte) – CodHead 086 In black humour mode, CodHead gives his response to the Private Eye coverage of NYP’s £1M legal action. [Satire] [...]

September 4, 2016 CodHead